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For over three decades, Owners Jim and Janice Campbell have built a solid reputation as one of the midwest's most trusted western boot businesses. 

In 1984 Jim Campbell started J.C. Sales as a secondary job to his teaching and coaching career, which ran for 34 years. In the summertime, after teaching for 9 months, Jim had three months in the summer off. Jim and Janice would travel to local fairs and festivals that were no more than 1-1/2 hours away and set up their booth to display and sell the very limited number of boots they had, and then drive back home at night. As the business began to gain notoriety,  groups of people from across the state would drive all the way to the little town of San Jose,IL to shop for their western boots out of the Campbell family's home. Eventually, J.C. Sales would move out of their home and into a retail space in the College Hills Mall in Bloomington, IL where Janice would work majority of the hours while Jim was at school. This however was not a full time retail store as in the summer the family would close the store and take the merchandise back on the road. Jim and Janice, along with their two children Joey and Jon, started traveling further away for new festivals. With a small trailer they began going to various country music festivals and other fairs up and down the Midwest. This became the regular summer routine as it still is today. 

After having a store in the College Hills mall for nine years, J.C. Sales moved into a full time retail position in the Eastland Mall in Bloomington, IL where it has been now for over ten years.  Janice, Jim, Jon and his wife Casey still have their summer schedule they refer to as the "boot tour" which spans as far north as Minnesota and east to Massachusetts.  Joey Campbell, who is the owner of Beauty of a Site, an online beauty boutique, is still able to attend part of the boot tour along with her husband Scott. And if you go to the store in Bloomington and don't find one of the Campbell behind the counter to help you, you will find a member of the J.C. Sales staff that has an ample amount of experience to assist you in your boot needs. 

From its humble beginnings out of Jim and Janice's basement to its full time retail store with thousands of boots, J.C. Sales is poised to be around for many years to come thanks to our terrific and loyal customers. We would like to thank you for always coming to us for your boot needs, whether it be on the road or at the store, you are what keeps J.C. Sales running. Many of our customers have become some of our closest friends and that is the way we want to keep it. Our customers know that when they come to visit us they will get a quality product which we will always stand behind and the knowledge to make an informed decision on which boot to choose. 

Thank you for stopping by our site and if there is anything that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us and email. You can also leave us a comment on our Facebook Page

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